Content Developer

The Content Developer will be responsible for on a need basis developing the institution’s content strategy, as well as creating its deliverables. By “Content “we refer to blog posts, static web copy, podcasts and video content among as. The content developer responsibilities will also include the technical aspect of content creation, such as basic HTML formatting and Search Engine Optimization.


Developing content will involve several different duties and responsibilities.

Develop Strategic Content Goals;
 Develop the client’s content goals and the strategies to reach those goals. Then seek approval from the line manager.

Create Content and Manage Content Distribution;
 Create content can include but not limited to sales copy, blog posts, presentations, animations, web graphics, videos and social media content.
 Create a schedule to establish when content will be distributed and through which channels.

Collaborate With Other Departments on Content Creation
 Synthesize ideas on a team and be able to communicate with a variety of different people to create effective content.

Analyse Key Performance Indicators to Determine Content Effectiveness
 The goal of the content is to ultimately generate more business for the client as well as institution. The Content Developer must be very enthuastic and obsesses over key performance indicators to ensure the content performs as expected.

Quality Assurance
 Required to have a keen eye for detail and top-notch problem solving skills for you are the last line of defense before content end user.


Requires a mix of creative and technical skills to perform the job.
Must be a creative thinker to conceptualize content an organizational mind to create a pragmatic plan of action. The following is the list of skills needed to succeed as a Content Developer;
Core Skills: The following skills are required;
 Ability to work both independently and with a team
 Digital communication skills
 Written and verbal skills
 Strategic thinking skills
 Analytical skills
 Good eye for detail
 Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously
 Proficiency with content management software
 Basic knowledge of HTML
Advanced Skills: The following skills are not required, but possessing is desirable.
 Advanced knowledge of HTML.
 Advanced knowledge of Search Engine Optimization.
 Advanced proficiency in Adobe Photoshop.

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June 7, 2019
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