Business Intelligence Analysts

The candidate will use data to figure out business trends to increase profits and efficiency, by looking at competitor’s data and industries trends to help develop a picture of where the company stands in the industries. Where to improve and where to reduce costs.


Working with IT team to launch new hardware and software.
 Creating policies and procedures regarding collecting and analyzing data.
 Critically evaluating and screen data plus profiting to identify any issues.
 Developing new data analysis process.
 Overseeing the data warehouse, including the collection and utilization of all data.
 Extending knowledge of business intelligence to provide ongoing refinement of process to improve operations.


Education Requirements
 At least have bachelor’s degree in business, management, accounting, economics statistics, information science or similar.

Skills and Requirements
 Technical skills; computer programs to mine data sources and look for trends.
 Analytical skills; being able to analyses data is critical.
 Communication skills; written and oral
 Problem solving skills; recommend solutions for creating reserves and reducing costs.
 Time management.

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Position: Business Intelligence Analysts

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Date posted
June 7, 2019
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