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About KT&K

``We Believe

business growth can a sprint”
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Our Expertise :Helping Businesses Grow

We boast of an experienced professional team of 4 experts. Our team is skilled and competent in delivering top-notch Business management, performance, & intelligence, Business value solutions in the areas of strategic direction, process realignment to changing market conditions, customer experience improvement and quality improvement, Sensitization of businesses & masses on economic paradigms –a) impact of economic trends & b) national budget implications and Market research on emerging business, industry specifics and trends, market share dynamics and breakeven analysis services to our Clients.

We use conceivably the best known evaluation methodology for judging learning processes ensuring better understanding of the training models proposed to be adopted. We do a follow up presentation to ensure implementation at no cost as our mode of delivery of service etc.

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Our Approach: We have also invested in state-of-the-art production and quality.

Our approach is based on providing customer engineered and extremely high quality product to customers with a quick cycle “on-time” delivery. Our commitment to offering quality consulting is reflected in the staff we employ. We employ full-time professionally qualified specialists. We actively support organizations in applying the best practices in finance and procurement, strategic planning plus other management consultancy by ensuring that there is value for money at every stage.
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Our experienced minds

Aidah Mavumirizi Kinalwa

Managing Partner

Aidah Mavumirizi Kinalwa

Managing Partner

Mwebaze Joshua

operations and IT

Mwebaze Joshua

operations and IT

KT&K Associates started in 2013 as KTNK Solutions Limited and it was later changed trading name to KT&K ASSOCIATES now operating as KT&K Associates.